Working with Universal Energy to Facilitate Wellness of Being 
   Ara Simons        Wellness Energy Practitioner
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      As an Energist, I am bringing new healing into the world.

Life Force Energy flows through every aspect of our Being,  vibrating in the molecules of our body, moving through our mind as thought, and shimmering  in our heart as the source of our inner power.

This energy amplifies and accelerates the  natural ability of the body, mind and spirit to heal.  Entraining to higher vibrational frequencies enhances all aspects of wellbeing and vitality.

Sessions combine a variety of healing modalities to lift you into a profound restorative healing state that is difficult to describe…it’s a unique experience for each person, and each session holds unique gifts and healing potential.

This can be experienced  in person, or across any distance. 


 Benefits of Energist Sessions can include:
Acceleration of the healing process 

Spiritual Healing
Emotional Healing
​Mental Clarity

Reduction  and elimination of pain,
inflammation, and toxins

Bone alignment
Bone regrowth
Tissue repair

Healing sessions carry the intention that participants
achieve optimal health throughthe balancing of
body, mind, and spirit.


  Synergy Wellness Spa, Murfreesboro TN

​ Reiki Master Teacher
   registered with the International Assoc. of Reiki Professionals
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  PEMF Therapy Sessions
    (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

  Ordained Minister Universal Life Church  

  Radiological Technologist 
  Speech Language Pathology
Now Offering PEMF Therapy
Series Treatment Packages:
30 Minute Sessions
Series of Consecutive Treatments:
Five Treatments:      200.00
Eleven Treatments:  450.00
Add-on with Wellness Sessions: 20.00
Single PEMF Session   50.00
For Appointment call  352-223-4740

Every organ in the body produces its own bio-electromagnetic field. Science has proven
that all 70 trillion plus cells in our bodies
communicate via electromagnetic frequencies.
Over the years, our exposure to harmful
electromagnetic fields has increased,
and our connection with the natural magnetic energy of the Earth has decreased.

PEMF Therapy helps to provide the beneficial electromagnetic fields that we are missing on a cellular level. This results in accelerated repair of bone and soft tissue, cellular detoxification, improved intake of nutrients, reduction in platelet adhesion and the ability to regenerate healthy cells.

YThe channeling of healing energy supports
transformation in the most beneficial way.